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Is it possible to install the filters in the hot water pipes?


All filter types can be installed with a water temperature up to 30°C. Above this limit BravoCalor type can be installed.

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Is it possible to install the filters with vertical inlet?


Yes, it is possible with the BravoFil, BravoFil Plus and BravoDUE types.

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Is it possible to install BravaDOS electronic dosing pump with vertical inlet?

It is only possible to turn in vertical position the connection of the BravaDOS 1” and 1” ¼.

However, all the mechanical MiniDUE dosing pumps can be installed both horizontally and vertically. 

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Are AcquaSIL products harmful?


Absolutely not. The sodium hexametaphosphate (AcquaSil®’s ingredient) is a substance considered safe, and it is included in the list of the food grade additives authorized by the European Union (see also the (UE) Regulation n. 1129/2011.

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Is it possible to products other than AcquaSIL® with the dosing pumps MiniDUE, MiniDOS and BravaDOS?


No, it is not. The use of products other than AcquaSIL® can lead to serious malfunctioning of the device and immediately invalidate the guarantee.
Furthermore, the use of products other than AcquaSIL® can compromise the quality of your drinking water.

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AcquaSIL products have an expiration date?


AcquaSIL products when sealed and stored properly (in a cool place, protected form frost, at room temperature between 5 and 35 ° C) do not expire. Once the package is opened, if the product is properly closed after each use and stored properly (see above), its duration is two years. If package remains opened or if after opening it is not stored properly, white crystallized deposits may form. In this case do not use the product because its effectiveness may be reduced and deposits may lead to blockage of dosing pumps.

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