The all-in-one proportional dosing pump with integrated filter and shut-off valve.

Dear Customer, following to the debut first at the AQUATECH Amsterdam and later at MCE Milan, we are glad and proud to let you take all the advantages and exclusivity now for the first time available worldwide of the brand new MINIDUE FILTRO, from Acqua Brevetti 95.

MINIDUE FILTRO is the ALL-IN-ONE proportional dosing pump which provides complete protection against damages and problems caused from scale and corrosion of boilers and pipes, with integrated in the connection PRE-FILTER and SHUT-OFF VALVE, completely mechanically operated.

The advantages introduced and led with the brand new MINIDUE FILTRO are multiple, starting from the exclusivity of the product, the full versatility of installation, the exclusive disposable bags of different sizes, the opportunity to ‘remote’ the refills bags to further reduce installation spaces and, last but not least, the under-vacuum suction that introduces considerable advantages compared to the classical suction from the tank.

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